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JP-S516330-A: Konkuriitobunpaisochi patent, JP-S5165432-A: Sekyusutoobunadonojidoshokasochi patent, JP-S5173433-A: Harogenkaginshashinkankozairyo patent, JP-S5190259-A: Kauntano purisetsutosochi patent, JP-S52104234-A: Successive copying device for slips etc. patent, JP-S52133050-A: Automatic welder patent, JP-S52145350-A: Complete fillet welding of tee joint having vvshaped groove patent, JP-S52151011-A: Magnetic head core patent, JP-S5221070-A: Resin foam having glass beads patent, JP-S5222391-A: Syringe for stocking and using media of at least two to be ejected patent, JP-S522542-A: Observation method for x-ray film and automatic film shifting device patent, JP-S5233005-A: Rotor of convex pole rotary electric machine patent, JP-S5234798-A: Control method of automatic vending machine patent, JP-S5239166-A: Coil patent, JP-S5247264-A: Manipulator control apparatus patent, JP-S5248496-A: Warning transmitter patent, JP-S5250947-A: Underwater welding equipment patent, JP-S5282169-A: Pilot signal agc system patent, JP-S5282538-A: Prize ball discharge device for pachinko game machine patent, JP-S5284538-A: Glass ceramic plate electric radiation heater patent, JP-S5286188-A: Transmission line patent, JP-S5293162-A: Method for treating waste water patent, JP-S53103091-A: Developing of embossed pattern on pile cloth patent, JP-S53108735-A: Magnetic domain unit patent, JP-S53128160-A: Vertical supersonic wave cleaner patent, JP-S5312831-A: Nitro aromatic glycoside and process for preparation thereof patent, JP-S53130193-A: Method for propagating fish and shellfishes etc patent, JP-S53130993-A: Semiconductor laser patent, JP-S53132078-A: Method of production of decorative plate having appearance of inlay patent, JP-S53138054-A: Knob patent, JP-S5326767-A: Treating method for sulfur oxides in exhaust gas patent, JP-S533597-A: Tea-steaming apparatus with controllable pitch stirrer patent, JP-S5337364-A: D/a converting system patent, JP-S5340423-A: Common forced exhaust apparatus patent, JP-S5348601-A: Noise control system patent, JP-S5355851-A: Devicd for guiding elevator cage hall patent, JP-S5358398-A: Process for producing baits for angling patent, JP-S5364426-A: Printer patent, JP-S5383672-A: Method and apparatus for detecting inside defect of continuous patent, JP-S5393523-A: Sliding rail guiding member with fixing construction for sliding seat of automobile patent, JP-S5395217-A: Device for regulating speed of pulse motor patent, JP-S5397255-A: Method of separating oil from water patent, JP-S54105170-A: Method of making fishing rod patent, JP-S54110133-A: Method and apparatus for continuous casting patent, JP-S54118370-A: Wide flat bar rolling using universal mill patent, JP-S54126885-A: Flow rate controller patent, JP-S54134121-A: Deeply dyeable selffcrimpable thread patent, JP-S54138816-A: Method and apparatus for composition hardening patent, JP-S54139203-A: Method of driving construction of location driving pile and slime treatment device for driving pile patent, JP-S54154291-A: Method of forming aliminum conductor path patent, JP-S54156728-A: Antiialteration card patent, JP-S54161241-A: Electronic data processing system having central processing unit and central processing unit patent, JP-S5443045-A: Laser recorer patent, JP-S5453417-A: Automotive body skeletal structure patent, JP-S5459018-A: Character signal receiving circuit patent, JP-S5463694-A: Vibration generator patent, EP-1506029-A1: Ensemble aiguille de surete patent, JP-S5470751-A: Slip issuing device patent, JP-S548244-A: Wet steam turbine patent, JP-S5492261-A: Destaticizing device in electrophotographic copier patent, JP-S549332-A: Device for detecting openining of throttle valve in internal combustion engine patent, JP-S5499995-A: Wire clamp assembly patent, JP-S55100451-A: Differential gear patent, JP-S55104593-A: Suction pump for liquefied gas patent, JP-S55104618-A: Filter patent, JP-S55107219-A: Resin mold type transformer patent, JP-S55111354-A: Paper jamming detection system patent, JP-S5514049-A: Method of detecting height of hit ball in pinggpong training patent, JP-S55144401-A: Method of producing synthetic gas for ammonia preparation patent, JP-S55146338-A: High frequency heating device with steam generator patent, JP-S55149-A: Dehydrating washing machine with dryer patent, JP-S5516595-A: Electroacoustic converter constructed as converter capsule patent, JP-S5517133-A: Photo mask patent, JP-S5527276-A: Cutting joining device of veneer patent, JP-S5531946-A: Radar unit of moving objective detection patent, JP-S5546553-A: Method of projecting electron beam patent, JP-S5555032-A: Seat belt device patent, JP-S5559947-A: Method of processing surface of vulcanized rubber patent, JP-S5560989-A: Signal light device patent, JP-S5570532-A: Device for positioning surface material patent, JP-S5577851-A: Specially made bread and method patent, JP-S5577975-A: Method and apparatus for multiple electrode welding patent, JP-S5579215-A: Method of bundling patent, JP-S56112969-A: Coating composition patent, JP-S56117081-A: Device for measuring location of surface layer of charge in vertical furnace patent, JP-S56117999-A: Piping device for fork lift patent, JP-S56132592-A: Bolt mounting and dismounting device patent, JP-S56140162-A: Series of floating air system reaching to sewing throw-in prework from spreading through cutting in sewing line of mass production system patent, JP-S56145806-A: Hair dryer patent, JP-S56159680-A: Image bearing member patent, JP-S56159782-A: Time recorder patent, JP-S56162327-A: Heating apparatus patent, JP-S56164322-A: Guest host liquid crystal display element patent, JP-S5623976-A: Memory regenerating go board of go play record patent, JP-S5637369-A: Lubricating treatment agent for synthetic fiber patent, JP-S563809-A: Method for suppressing nitrogen oxide and smoke dust by means of gasification accelerating combustion patent, JP-S5641099-A: Forming method of powder and grain body patent, JP-S5641135-A: Tin and its molding method patent, JP-S5643362-A: Waterrcontaining coating composition patent, JP-S5648804-A: Selffpropelled transplanter patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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