Image processing device and image processing method

Dispositif de traitement d'image et procédé de traitement d'image

Bildverarbeitungsvorrichtung und bildverarbeitungsverfahren


An interpolated picture with suppressed picture deterioration and with a smooth motion is generated. An image processing apparatus (11) for generating an interpolated picture interpolated between two temporally successive original pictures includes: a motion vector estimation unit (11) configured to estimate for each block a motion vector between the two original pictures; a compensation strength determination unit (12) configured to determine motion compensation strength for specifying an interpolation phase in accordance with a degree of reliability of the estimated motion vector; and an interpolated picture generation unit (13) configured to generate the interpolated picture by performing motion compensation processing on at least one of the two original pictures, using the interpolation phase specified according to the determined motion compensation strength and the estimated motion vector, wherein the compensation strength determination unit (12) is configured to determine the motion compensation strength in a manner such that the interpolation phase approaches closer to one of phases of the two original pictures with a decrease in the reliability.




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