Catalyst composition for production of hydrocarbons and method for producing hydrocarbons

Composition de catalyseur pour production d'hydrocarbures et procédé de production d'hydrocarbures

Katalysatorzusammensetzung zur herstellung von kohlenwasserstoffen und verfahren zur herstellung von kohlenwasserstoffen


There are provided a catalyst composition for producing hydrocarbons and a method for producing hydrocarbons which exhibit a high CO conversion rate, generates minimal amount of gaseous components, and is also capable of efficiently obtaining, from a syngas, a gasoline fraction which is selective for and rich in the components having a high octane number, such as aromatic, naphthenic, olefinic and branched paraffinic hydrocarbons, by using a Fischer-Tropsch synthesis catalyst that contains at least one type of metal exhibiting activity in Fischer-Tropsch reaction and manganese carbonate and a zeolite serving as a solid acid.




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