Procédé, système et dispositif de noeud permettant de surveiller les performances d'un canal de longueur d'onde

Method, system and node device for monitoring performance of wavelength channel

Verfahren, system und knotenvorrichtung zur überwachung der leistung einer wellenlängenkanals


The present invention relates to the field of network communication and particularly discloses a method for monitoring performance of a wavelength path. The method includes: receiving, by a second node, a path request message of a wavelength path from an upstream neighboring node, where the path request message includes at least a path identifier of the wavelength path and second wavelength identifier information; obtaining, by the second node, a wavelength identifier according to the second wavelength identifier information, and recording a mapping relationship between the wavelength path and the wavelength identifier; and determining, by the second node according to the wavelength identifier, a low frequency signal modulated at a working wavelength of the wavelength path, and obtaining performance of the wavelength path by monitoring the low frequency signal. A system for monitoring performance of a wavelength path and a node device are also disclosed in embodiments of the present invention.




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