Resin mold type transformer


PURPOSE: To reduce remaining gaps in the interfaces of strands, and relax electric fields, and improve the partial discharge duration characteristic of the transformer by providing mica layers through semiconductor layers on the surfaces of main insulating layer sides of primary and secondary windings. CONSTITUTION: On the surfaces of the main insulating layer 1 sides of the primary winding 2 and the secondary winding 3 there are provided mica layers 6a and 6b wound with combined mica sheets through semiconductor layers 5a and 5b constituted by winding carbon papers having resistivites of, for example, 10 3 W10 6 Ωcm. These semiconductor layers and mica layers are made of exceedingly porous materials as compared with polyester films used in the main insulating layer 1. For this reason, impregnation of synthetic resins into the interfaces of the primary and secondary windings 2 and 3 is improved, and remaining gaps in the interfaces can be reduced, and further the partial discharge duration characteristic due to the mica layers can be improved. COPYRIGHT: (C)1980,JPO&Japio




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