High frequency heating device with steam generator

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Toshiba Corp
  • Publication Date: November 14, 1980
  • Publication Number: JP-S55146338-A


PURPOSE: To prevent scattering of water from a dew receiving pan to outside when a door body is opened by a method wherein ribs for barriers are protrudingly provided on an inner botton portion of the dew receiving pan along a longitudinal direction thereof, in the door body provided with the dew receiving pan at a bottom portion thereof. CONSTITUTION: A heating chamber 9 is provided within a main frame 1 of a high frequency heating device and microwave or steam is supplied into the heating chamber 9 to effect a microwave heating or a steam heating. A dew receiving pan 10 is secured to a bottom of a door body 3 by penetrating screws through threaded holes 11 provided at a pair of attaching portions 12. A pluraity of ribs 13 are integrally and protrudingly provided on an inner bottom portion of the dew receiving pan 10 in two rows along a longitudinal direction with predetermined spaces. At one side of the inner bottom of the dew receiving pan 10, a drain port 14 is apertured in order to drainage into a drain pan 15. According to this method, even if the door body 3 is opened abruptly, water in the dew receiving pan 10 should be collided against the ribs 13 and will never be scattered to outside. COPYRIGHT: (C)1980,JPO&Japio




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